Scouting Safely Update: Age-Appropriate Guidelines for Scouting Activities

The Age-Appropriate Guidelines for Scouting Activities have received an update and now include Age-Appropriate Guidelines for Camping. That change will align with the upcoming update to the Guide to Safe Scouting—occurring Fall 2021.
Age-and rank-appropriate guidelines have been developed based on many factors. Anyone planning activities outside of program materials or handbooks should ask this question: Is the activity appropriate for the age and for Scouting?
Please download and review the Age-Appropriate Guidelines for Scouting Activities found by clicking the link below.
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50th Anniversary of Project S.O.A.R.

Project SOAR  ( Save Our American Resources ) initially launched during Scout week in 1971. Its basic objective was “to create attitudes of concern for the quality of our environment and to motivate action programs that will improve that environment for life and living.” Scouting Magazine, September – October 1970

The Boy Scouts of America is proud to honor this legacy program with a celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Project SOAR during the 2021 Summer of Service initiative.

As you provide opportunities for Scouts and Scouters to engage in the 2021 Summer of Service program, consider adding service projects related to sustainability and the environment! Scouts who participate in these focused projects can download a limited-edition SOAR 50th anniversary certificate to commemorate their participation in this special celebration.

Click Here to learn more about project SOAR and to get your anniversary certificate.

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Help Shape Future Jamborees

Do you want to make your voice heard? This is a perfect opportunity for youth and adults to help shape the future of the National Jamboree. There is a quick 15 minute survey you can participate in which will then get you involved in some focus groups to help decide what the National Jamboree will be like in the future.

Click on this link to download the informational brochure to learn all about the survey.

Click Here to Take the Jamboree Survey

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Scouts and their parents expect all Boy Scouts of America activities to be conducted safely. To ensure the safety of participants, the Boy Scouts of America expects leaders to use the four points of SAFE when delivering the Scouting program.

Despite the pandemic, Scouts continue to serve their communities. While we take a face covering with us when we head out now, it’s important to remind ourselves what else we need to do to keep safely serving.

Take a look at these two updated risk assessment tools: the SAFE Project Planning List and the SAFE Project Tool Use you can also find both in the appendix to the Guide to Safe ScoutingSAFE is an acronym for safety points Scouts and Scouters should abide by before any activity, including service projects. If you would like a resaource as a helpful remonder just download and print the BSA S.A.F.E. Poster.

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Volunteers Needed!

The Black Hills Area Council is looking for individuals who are willing to volunteer at the council service center. Duties will include answering the phone, helping customers in the shop, and other light office type tasks. If you are willing to help, please contact Corey or Dawn to make arrangements. We are especially looking for people to help out March 30, 31 and April 1st. Thanks,

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Did you know you can create a fundraiser on Facebook to benefit the Black Hills Area Council?

It is so easy to create an online Fundraiser through Facebook and have the money donated benefit the Scouting Program right here in the Black Hills Area Council. All you need is to use this link to get started making your Charitable Fundariser to benefit the Black Hills Area Council today.  Remember even if someone gives a little can mean a whole lot.

Start a Facebook Fundraiser for BHAC Today!

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Nominate Deserving Leaders Today for the BHAC Leader Awards and Eagle Scout Recognition Dinner on February 27th, 2021

Do you know of a Leader who deserves to be recognized for their service? Nominate them for an award today! Find out what award they are eligible for here on the 2021 BHAC Leader Award & Eagle Scout Dinner page!   All nominations must be turned into the council office by Friday January 15th, 2021.

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Silver Antelope Nominations Due November 30th, 2020

2021 Silver Antelope Nominations
It is time to nominate deserving volunteers for the 2021 Silver Antelope Award.
Nomination forms with no more than two recommendation letters must be submitted together electronically to the National Service Center at no later than November 30, 2020.  Reminder – The candidate should not be notified of this nomination.
When submitting the Silver Antelope nomination form electronically, please include as much correct and relevant information about the nominee as possible. Incomplete nominations will not be considered. Be sure the nominee’s name is spelled correctly and highlight all contributions to youth inside and outside of Scouting. Additional endorsement letters from specific areas may be included, provided they feature detailed explanations of the nominee’s contributions and are not just letters saying how great the nominee is.

There are a LOT of well-deserving BSA volunteers who have given longtime service to youth…here’s one way you can assist the BSA with recognizing them!

The Silver Antelope Award recognizes BSA volunteers for service to youth within one of the four Regions – Northeast, Southern, Central or Western – of the BSA. This isn’t a “thank you” for service as a Regional or Regional Area leader or Commissioner but rather a “thank you” for service as a BSA volunteer in some sort or nature for a period of time.
Scoutmasters and Commissioners have been awarded the Silver Antelope Award in the past; so have many people who have served on various committees and task forces at the Region or Regional Area basis.
Please nominate those you feel deserve this special honor…and on behalf of so many volunteers, professionals, and PARENTS — thank you for your participation, service, and leadership to Scouting!!!
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Product Recall on Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Pin

A recall has been issued for Cub Scout Outdoor Activity pins sold from 2016 through earlier this year. Please bring them in the Scout Shop to return and exchange your pin. Please see the official statement below at this link.

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