50th Anniversary of Project S.O.A.R.

Project SOAR  ( Save Our American Resources ) initially launched during Scout week in 1971. Its basic objective was “to create attitudes of concern for the quality of our environment and to motivate action programs that will improve that environment for life and living.” Scouting Magazine, September – October 1970

The Boy Scouts of America is proud to honor this legacy program with a celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Project SOAR during the 2021 Summer of Service initiative.

As you provide opportunities for Scouts and Scouters to engage in the 2021 Summer of Service program, consider adding service projects related to sustainability and the environment! Scouts who participate in these focused projects can download a limited-edition SOAR 50th anniversary certificate to commemorate their participation in this special celebration.

Click Here to learn more about project SOAR and to get your anniversary certificate.


  1. REPLY
    Joel Smith says

    I have not seen this Patch since the seventies. In Illinois we also put the Year patch around as we participated every year and we know it meant something.
    Bring this back to EVERY Council as it is important as we are losing more National Packs and Resources that at one time was more meaningful.

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