Thank you for a great weekend at Busy Beaver/OA Induction!

What a great weekend of service to camp. Busy Beaver and Crazy Horse Lodge Order Of The Arrow Spring Induction combined for a total of 264 hours of service to camp. Our camp Ranger Brent Nelson was so happy with all of the work that was completed. Just think about if the Ranger had to complete all of this work on his own. . . working 8 hours a day, 5 days a week would take the ranger 7 weeks to complete all of these projects.

Thank you all for all of your hard work and dedication this really was a weekend of cheerful service and proves the old saying that “Many hands make light work.”
Crazy Horse Lodge – 143 hours of service
Projects completed
– Amphitheater Clean-up
– Jack Pine Removal
– Gravel In Amphitheater
– Dead / Damaged Tree Removal
– Fire Ring Clean-up

Busy Beaver Work Crews – 121 hours of service
Projects Completed
– Ranch House Cleaned and made ready for summer
– HUB Cleaned and made ready for summer
– Oglala Kybo Cleaned
– Sioux Kybo Cleaned
– Shooting Ranges Cleaned and prepped for Summer
– Nature Cleaned
– Family Camp Shower House Cleaned and prepped for summer
– Handicraft Cleaned and prepped for summer
– Pioneer Hill Shower House Cleaned and prepped for summer
– Planter beds cleaned and planted at Health Lodge
– Computers moved into HUB for Summer
– Aquatics Area Beach raked and prepped for summer
– Hooks added to changing rooms in Aquatics
– Staff Cabins cleaned and prepped for summer

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