What do parents like about Cub Scouting?

Here are the 5 Things You Need to Know. 

New Cub Scout enrollment has continued to trend in the right direction. In fact, on one single day in September 2022, the BSA added 8,000 new Cub Scout families!

Now begins the part of the year when we have to make sure we deliver what we’ve promised to all these new members.

The good news is, the BSA knows what parents like about Cub Scouting. In technical terms, it’s called “key drivers of satisfaction.” In simpler terms, it means that if we can provide families with these five things, we greatly increase the chances of them staying in the program longer, and maybe even sharing all those positive vibes with their non-Scouting friends.

Pat Wellen, the BSA’s director of research, recently joined an episode of #CubChatLive to talk about what Cub Scout leaders can do to make sure they deliver the things that families are looking for.

“We do quarterly surveys, so by the end of the year, we’ve talked to all the Cub Scout parents that we have an email address for,” says Wellen. “We know what drives unit satisfaction. And if you’re satisfied, you stay.”

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