Spring 2020 Sale

We are bringing back the Trash Bag sale for the Spring of 2020! We have received a lot of feedback about how successful the previous sale was and many have been asking for it again!

Why Trash Bags?

Apart from being a great fundraising tool to help the Scouts fulfill their mission, WasteZero® trash bags align with the Scouts’ goal of making America Clean and Green. Importantly they also help Scouts develop valuable experience and interpersonal skills that will serve them well in life. Plus, everyone needs them!

Units earn 40% commission with this option.  Units can do a Show and Sell option or a Show and Deliver option. No Take Orders are available!  This is to ensure that all product gets delivered in a timely manner. Your unit will order what they think they will sell up front, and can add more product if need be after the sale begins.


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