Welcome and thank you for taking interest in the Black Hills Area Council’s 2021 Fall Popcorn Sale. Every year hundreds of Scouts participate in selling popcorn throughout the Black Hills region to fund raise to help pay for summer camp, scouting events, uniforms, and so much more. With over 73% of sales staying in the Black Hills, every dollar raised goes further and further to help keep scouting alive and well.

Scouts of all ages also learn about “earning their own way” and other life skills such as salesmanship, entrepreneurship, presenting, and public speaking to name a few. These are vital skills that they will use down the road in their personal and professional life.

If you are a unit or a scout, thank you for participating in this year’s sale and helping to strengthen local scouting. If you are a customer, thank you for your support of local scouting in the Black Hills. Now, let us get popping!

Popcorn Support

Email Sharon Rendon at rendosha@gmail.com. Call or email Sharon Corey Davis at the Scout Service Center. The service center’s phone number is 605-342-2824. Corey’s email is corey.davis@Scouting.org.

Call or email Corey Davis at the Rapid City Scout Service Center. If you are calling in regards to when you will receive your product or missing ordered popcorn, please try to have ready the unit number that you ordered from. The service center’s phone number is 605-342-2824. Bobbi may be contacted via email by sending a message to corey.davis@Scouting.org.


Please have the following prepared before arriving at the Scout Service Center (144 North Street, Rapid City, SD 57701). The following items are due to the Scout Service Center no later than October 20, 2021 at 5:00pm mountain time.

  1. One blank check already signed made out to Black Hills Area Council
  2. Full cases of product that you want to return
  3. Completed Top Seller Form (Click Here to Download)
  4. Completed Trails End Scholarship Application for all Applicable Scouts (Click Here to Download)

Unit Resources