Summer Camp

Summer Camp Staff – Now Hiring

There’s no better way to spend your summer!  If you enjoy working with kids, believe in the Scouting program, and love camp, then the Medicine Mountain Scout Ranch & Adventure Base is a great place to work and play. Each summer we hire over 40 men and women to serve as part of our camp staff.  This life-changing opportunity is a great, fun, and rewarding place to be.

Imagine living at a camp for the summer and working, playing, and learning in the outdoors.  You’ll meet plenty of new friends, some that may stick with you for the rest of your life.  You’ll get some great new experiences too as you challenge yourself. We’re personally biased, but we honestly believe working on a camp staff is a life-changing experience that everyone should have the opportunity to do. When a young man or woman works on camp staff they become:

  1. A Good Communicator
  2. A Life-long Learner
  3. A Self-starter
  4. A Resilient Individual
  5. A Problem Solver
  6. A Creative Thinker
  7. A Detail-Oriented Worker
  8. A Leader
  9. A Team Player
  10. A Solid Work Ethic


  • Free Room & Board
  • Utilities Provided
  • 18 Meals Provided Each Week
  • Private Showers & Restroom Facilities
  • Free Laundry Facilities
  • WiFi
  • Free Medicine Mountain Apparel
  • Once in a Lifetime Experience
  • Beautiful Location
  • Internship & Co-op Opportunities (on request)
  • Weekly Stipend

2018 Status of Positions

As of today we still have openings for our 2018 camp staff in Nature, Handicraft, Outdoor Skills, Trading Post, Shooting Sports, and High Adventure.

How to Apply

Interested Scouts, Individuals, or Parents of Scouts should contact the Council office at 605-342-2824. Youth can serve on staff starting at age 14 as a Counselor-in-Training. Paid summer camp staff must be age 15 or older.

The benefits of serving as a Counselor-in-Training (CIT): When CITs return to work as a paid summer camp staff member, they will be paid a grade higher than a paid staff member starting their job at age 15. CITs are also able to work at the camp for a shorter time frame, if needed, instead of the full 6-7 weeks. Please inquire about shorter commitments.

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The New Medicine Mountain App is Live!

The new Medicine Mountain App is now live! This app is almost fully capable to run entirely offline! Perfect for camp! Download this app today and use it the next time you are at camp! 

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